2019 Edition

In 2019 the city’s winter feast, the Feast of Santa Eulàlia, takes place from

February 8th to 12th 2019

La Lali Jove:
Sat 17 Feb 2018

Barcelona’s associations of young people organise Lali Jove (“Young Lali”), the city’s celebration of its youth and their clubs. This year, the event is devoted to vindicating use of the public space under the slogan “Fem nostra la ciutat, fem nostra la festa” (“Making the city ours, making the festivities ours”).

Lali Jove takes place in response to an appeal that Barcelona’s youth association movement has been making for years, for a space managed directly by these organisations for young people within the city’s annual festivities. As a result, on Saturday, February 17, visitors will find a huge programme of activities for children and young people at the Moll de la Fusta (Moll de Bosch i Alsina) dock venue. In the afternoon, all interested are invited to take part in the many workshops for children and young people that will take place simultaneously, organised by groups from young people’s associations. In the evening, a concert will take place, featuring a fantastic line-up: Mafalda with their raggacore sound, a fusion of ska, reggae, funk and hardcore; the pop-folk outfit Sense Sal; Adala, with their personal take on reggae and dub; Can Canalla, playing Latin and rumba tunes; and, finally, Ominira, winners at Brot, Barcelona’s festival for new talent.


Activities for children and young people
From 5 to 8 pm, simultaneously:

  • Educational Associations: An inflatable to enable kids to recycle as they bounce.

  • Mobility: A mobility circuit organised by associations for people with functional diversity. With JUP and the ECOM Federation.

  • Dispersed Culture and Alternative Leisure: A world of different games and activities reveals an alternate universe.

  • Association Radio: We talk to the organisations that organised Lali Jove 2018, leaving the microphone open for all. With BOCA Ràdio.

  • Health: A workshop focusing on health issues in a fun, understandable way. With the Association of Health Sciences Students.

  • See How I Paint: An activity aimed at raising awareness about functional diversity, with participants using different parts of their body to paint! With the ECOM Federation.

  • Soft Combat: A game in which two or more combatants do battle using padded instruments simulating weapons from different ages.

  • Love in Colours: Game of flags and LGBTI taboos.

  • Otaku Karaoke: Come and sing otaku songs in Catalan, Spanish and Japanese!

  • Waste? I am sustainable! Sales? My wardrobe is full! A space to raise awareness about the present model of consumerism, waste management and the reuse of different materials through games and activities. With the Climate Justice Group of the “Service Civil International” (SCI - Catalonia).


The Concert for Lali Jove
Starting at 8 pm

Line-up: Mafalda, Sense Sal, Adala, Can Canalla, Ominira

The following awareness and direct assistance facilities will be open throughout the concert:

  • SOM.nit marquee, informing, preventing and reducing risks linked to drug consumption (from 10 pm to 2 am).

  • Protocol against any incidents of gender violence during the festivities, to raise awareness about gender violence and provide assistance to any victims (from 8 pm to 2.30 am).

Consell de la Joventut de Barcelona

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