2019 Edition

In 2019 the city’s winter feast, the Feast of Santa Eulàlia, takes place from

February 8th to 12th 2019



On Saturday, February 11, from 8.15 to 9 pm, the Santa Eulàlia fire-run will pass through some of the streets that form part of the LLUM BCN routes. Please take the following safety precautions:

The festival of fire is one of the most exciting events on the Santa Eulàlia festival programme, but it is important to take great care while enjoying the show. If you want to take part, remember that:

• You must wear a hat, a scarf and long-sleeved clothes. Wear clothes made of cotton, not synthetic materials. And wear comfortable footwear so that you can run when necessary.

• Do not throw water during the fire-run: wet firework powder is unpredictable.

• Be particularly careful if you are with children, and keep at a safe distance from the fire. Hold young children by the hand at all times and remember that there is also a fire-run for young people where the fire is not so intense.

• If the fire-run route goes past your house or shop, close awnings, cover windows and lower the blinds.

• Remember, the fire-run is great fun, but it can be dangerous if you do not follow basic safety rules. Join the party, but enjoy yourself sensibly!

• Remember that you must always obey instructions given to you by stewards, who will be clearly identified.

Some light installations are not recommended for persons with epilepsy.

In some areas of the city where you can see LLUM BCN installations and shows, the street lighting will not be as bright as usual. Please take this in account and take due precaution when visiting such areas.

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