2020 Edition

The spectacular light festival Llum BCN in 2020 takes place again at the Poblenou neighbourhood on
February 14th, 15th and 16th 2020

Llum BCN to be present at the City of Barcelona awards ceremony
A show featuring dance, light and audio-visuals will link this year's new-look City of Barcelona awards ceremony with the Llum BCN festival, which starts the following day.
The Llum BCN Poblenou festival will form part of the City of Barcelona 2018 awards ceremony, with an Onionlab performance directed by Pep Salazar which combines dance with audio- visual arts. The performance will be accompanied by illumination designed by Albadalejo and audio-visuals created by Crowd Studio.
The ceremony will be presided over by Mayor Ada Colau and Joan Subirats, the City Council's Commissioner for Culture. It is being held in City Hall's Saló de Cent at 6 pm on Thursday 14 February. The ceremony has a new look this year and it is being hosted by the actress Àgata Roca.
The City of Barcelona awards are the City Council's annual recognition of creation, research and the production of quality by individuals, institutions and organisations in Barcelona. This year’s winners includes the singer Rosalía, the poet and novelist Josep Pedrals, the writer Mario Cuenca Sandoval, the historian Miquel Amengual and the LaCol architects’ cooperative, to name but a few.

Llum BCN turns Poblenou into on big creative light spectacular

Prestigious artists from around the world and up-and-coming talent from Barcelona’s schools of art, design and architecture share Poblenou's streets to try out new forms of expression in public spaces and create a big urban festival of light.

A hypnotic constellation of water and light on the Disseny Hub pool, a storm caused by a hundred people gathered in a big cloud and two of the world's brightest projectors hanging from a crane on a colossal frame are just a few of the amazing installations from prestigious guest creators this year at the 8th Llum BCN festival on 15, 16 and 17 February.

Alongside the 23 creations of professional artists there are 15 installations made by students at Barcelona's schools of art, design, lighting and architecture that alter our perceptions and meaning of urban space. A commitment to innovation and experimentation and one of the hallmarks of Llum BCN that sets it apart from other light festivals. 

For the second year running, Barcelona’s Poblenou is the setting for a festival that turns the features of this once industrial neighbourhood into a giant outdoor experimentation lab through works by artists, designers and architects from around the world who use light as a creative medium.

Eight of the outdoor emergency staircases that can still be seen at some buildings – a characteristic feature of Poblenou bearing testimony to its industrial past – have been the focus of special lighting in a tribute to the neighbourhood’s history and its political and social protests.

Llum BCN tries out the possibilities offered by new techniques such as dynamic lighting, large-scale projection and interactive environments, inviting the public to discover a new way of experiencing the streets and reflecting on how the language of public space can evolve in the future.

For three nights the festival will turn upside down an urban landscape that moves between large, latest generation buildings, old chimneys, industrial warehouses and, often, vacant plots of land. Very diverse spaces full of meanings that come together with the expressive capacity of light and its transformational power to create a unique festival.