2019 Edition

The spectacular light festival Llum BCN in 2019 takes place again at the Poblenou neighbourhood on

February 15th, 16th and 17th 2019


15.000 grams

Corner of Carrer de Bolívia and Carrer de Badajoz


Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB)

#15.000grams #etsab

15.000 grams alludes to the pre-existence of light in an area that is overexposed to disconnected architectures and urban elements, and proposes a new interpretation of the public space. The intervention on the fifteen lampposts that form the installation highlights systematic repetition as a key factor in the urban landscape and, at the same time, creates a disturbing link between citizens and altered, domesticated urban elements. In short, this “15,000 Grams” is an installation that is sensitive to environmental factors and is in constant motion. A piece in which light is consolidated to establish a total of 1,820 square metres of ethereal matter that interacts with people.

Pupils: Alice Antonacci, Mar Bartolomé, Javier Salvador Culla, Andrés Echarri, Oriol Ferrer, Junjie Huang, Sara Izquierdo, Enric Mas, Joan Martí Morro, Jesús Quintana, Germán Ribera, Mar Tarrida
Tutors: Pau Bajet and Carles Enrich



Passadís Mediapro. Avinguda Diagonal, 177

(Passadís Mediapro. Avinguda Diagonal, 177)


ELISAVA (Barcelona University School of Design and Engineering)

#llacuna #elisava 

Toponyms like “Llacuna” and “Joncar” (“lagoon” and “reed bed”) remind us of the marshy origins of the Poblenou neighbourhood. Taking as its starting-point the idea of exploring the possibilities suggested by light itself, this installation is an elegy to the past, using light to revive the mysteries of the lagoon, which is ephemerally resurrected within the contemporary urban environment. Amid modern office buildings and converted industrial sites, we hope that users will participate by immersing themselves in light that evokes and helps them to discover the atmosphere of the original lagoon; urbanised land disappears, and they feel the damp, humid atmosphere of the marshland from which the neighbourhood sprang.

Pupils: Esther Abad, Joana Bisbe, Clàudia Blanes, Carla Camín, Alberto Cantera, Joan Carreres, Maria Casadellà, Aina Engelhard, Aina Flores, Nils Kamminga, Sofía Martín, Cristina Peiris, Carme Roig, Ariadna Sala, Clara Viladecans
Tutors: María de la Cámara, Toni Montes, Roger Páez, Gabriel Paré


Llums silvestres

Carrer de Tànger, 83


School of Architecture, UIC Barcelona 


#llumsilvestres #architectureuic

Llums silvestres interprets and meditates on the plants that grow wild in empty or half-built lots in the housing blocks of Poblenou. Green zones that spring up at random as the neighbourhood is redeveloped. Llums silvestres imitates this chaotic vegetation in the form of balls of light that grow to generate a wild topography. The result is a wild garden designed artificially to create a light landscape, accompanied by music that rings out to the rhythm of nature.

Pupils: Anna Capella, Ana de la Cuesta, Lautaro Longo, Guillermo Marfà, Ignacio Morente, Carles Maria Raiteri, Genís Vilalta, Sergi Viñals
Tutors: Iñaki Baquero, Maria Barcina, Roser Estelrich, Marta García-Orte



Jardins de Miquel Martí i Pol. Can Framis.

(Carrer de Roc Boronat, 116-126)


BRAC, Fine Art Faculty, University of Barcelona


#aliteracio #bellesarts

Al·literació suggests a visual meditation on the alterable nature of space in the Can Framis gardens. A visual rhetorical figure, the repetition of piles of matter from the garden itself –leaves, shoots and earth– appear in the middle of the wood. A reiteration that we raise from the soil in order to reveal and let out the light that it holds in an attempt to give a voice to the origins of the park.

Pupils: Oriol Moreno, Gerard Galiàn, Mireia Carrillo, Rosa Gallego, Alba García
Tutors: Núria Gual i Miquel Planas
Partners: Cristina Bota, Emma Calvo, Nora Freixenet, Núria Lluch, Marina Marcé, Vanessa Pujade, Ester Vélez


L’alliberació de l’Eulàlia

Jardí del Sol


ESDAP Catalunya. Campu Llotja


#ESDAPBcnllum18 #ESDAPCatalunya

Eulàlia, patron saint of Barcelona, was condemned and crucified by her ideals when he was only 13 years old. The project L’alliberació de l’Eulàlia (The Liberation of Eulàlia) is inspired by the imprisonment that Santa Eulàlia suffered, used to suggest an analogy with current situations of loss of freedom. We invite you to take part in a light and sensory experience: come to the Jardí del Sol sun garden and light the crosses on the façade, turning them into simple geometric shapes. These are forms that symbolise the process of releasing light from the white box.

Pupils: Marina Revilla i els alumnes de l’assignatura optativa Projectes interdisciplinaris: arts escèniques
Tutors: Laura Aragón i Jordi Plana
Partners: Biotronic, Fèlix Vinyals, ACCES



Passatge de Trullàs


UPC School – CCCB, Master in Design and Space Production


#UPCbarcelona #LlumContinuo

Passatge de Trullàs no longer allows through passage. Some years ago, this lane was altered and turned into a cul-de-sac. Continuo is a light-filled geometric sequence that leads spectators to a reflection that virtually doubles the length of the old passage and eliminates their perception of the wall that prevents pedestrians from passing through. The installation is suspended at different heights along the passage Passatge de Trullàs on a structure that, after the festival, will remain in place for use by residents for other activities in the neighbourhood.

Pupils: Angélica Alvear, Lidia Angelini, Juan Pablo Bruno, Stephanie Carvalhaes, Esther Cataluña, Ana Victoria Ernández, Carolina Fiuza, Isabel Gómez de la Torre, Philip Gotschlich, Lorena Guajardo, Elena Kislova, Maya Leal de Nobrega, Nataly Narváez, Cinthia Ordóñez, Javier Orellana, Úrsula Pahl, Mónica Pardo, Percy Pare, Verónica Patiño, Claudia Preciado, Belén Sánchez, Sebastián Santacoloma, Iris Sibilia, Luciana van Heerden, Daniel Vargas, Débora Vetencourt, Victoria Viñas, Lorena Zamparini
Tutors: Francisco Claret, Josep Ricart
Sound landscape: Lorenzo de Silva
Partner: CCCB
Sponsor: CCCB


A l’ombra dels fanals brillen les cuques de llum

Passatge d’Iglésias
(Entrada per Pujades)


Escola Superior d’Art Dramàtic (ESAD), Institut del Teatre


#bcnllumit #InstitutdelTeatre


They are only places for travelling through. We circulate around cities without ever wondering about the footprints of those who live in them. We wander between walls that conceal memories that are silenced by traffic. The fluttering of tiny insects goes unnoticed. Inside the great beehive are tiny universes hidden in constant hibernation. The cities grow, but their inhabitants do not. They only wait. They cannot hear. They cannot understand each other. They can only wait for those who will come to replace them. Because it is in the shadows of lampposts that glow-worms shine.

Pupils: Víctor Fernàndez, Nina Lòpez Le Gaillard, Albert Chamorro, Marta Lofi, Iris Rodríguez, Anezka Strakova
Tutora: Maria Domènech
Partners: Elisabet Castells i Jan Mech 
​Sponsors: Associació d’Autors d’Il·luminació (AAI), FLUGE



Carrer de Pujades, 118


BAU Design College of Barcelona


#UmbrasuturaBAU #socbau

Umbrasutura takes visitors on a journey through the process of transformation that has taken place in the neighbourhood since its industrial origins, when textiles were an important activity here. This is a journey along an immersive route, inside the installation, that takes us from the past to the present. Our route leads us through a maze of semi-transparent fabrics on which a series of animations are projected, featuring geometric shapes based on an aesthetic style representing each different period. The spectators’ shadows interact visually in the piece, while visual and sound representations establish a dialogue between the textile past and the present.

Pupils: Andrea Álvarez, Miguel Ascanio, Yumi Martí, Guillem Iranzo, Albert Gavaldà, Sergi Flores, Lucas Suárez
Tutors: Santiago Vilanova i Mariel Fuentes
Partner: Fran Casado


Light Up Mirror

Passatge de Masoliver


La Salle School of Architecture (ETSALS)


#LightUpMirror #Etsals

Both the Catalan word mirall and its English equivalent mirror derive from the Latin mirari, which means “to be amazed by” or “to wonder at” something. Today, mirrors have become surfaces on which we see ourselves reflected, and the concept has lost its original etymological meaning. Light Up Mirror is a journey aimed at proposing a fresh look, seeing beyond the foreground. Mirrors are surfaces that reflect objects through light, but... what happens if we turn the light into the object that is reflected? 

Pupils: Deiane Fernández, Marcia Homs, Livia di Pietro, Ana Rodríguez
Tutors: Joan Vera, Jordi Mansilla, Carlos Albisu, Laia Vives
Partners: Daniel Urbina i Virginia Arbona
Sponsor: Barcelona LED




Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)


#playball #iaac

playball! is an interactive installation that invites viewers to take part in the action. The formal qualities of the balls and all their associations (sports, games, exercise, etc.) bring out a physical response from participants, who celebrate this festival of light in a fun way. playball! uses light to create interactions, not only between spectators and the installation, but also between the spectators themselves. When the hanging spheres touch each other, they pass light on, and this light adopts the playful nature of the balls themselves. A new pilates class that, in this case, acts as an icon of energy and playful potential, while ignoring any preconceived symbols of light.

Students:  Serhan Ozgul, Martina Solés, Shahram Randeria, Nima Fatemi, Matthew Mondini, Maria Abou Merhi, Agustina Palazzo, Gustavo Jose More, Ioannis Romanos Vogdanis, Susannah Mifsud, Ashkan Foroughi, Andrea Patricia Montero

Coordinators: Luis E. Fraguada and Valentina Toscano

Assistant: Irene Ródenas



Passatge de la Vinyassa


EINA Barcelona University School of Design and Art (UAB)


#fuga #EINA

Fuga is an interactive audiovisual installation that meditates on the industrial past of the Poblenou neighbourhood and the current growing appropriation of heritage. Through an exercise in visual music based on formal and conceptual research into visual and sound relationships, we play with the idea of a musical fugue applied to both sound and image: geometric compositions, repetition, reflection, inversion... This idea of the fugue extends to space, distorting perceptions of perspective by superimposing and repeating elements that accentuate the vanishing point at the very location of the installation: Passatge de la Vinyassa.

Pupils: Elisa Alcaide, Laura Andreu, Mireia Banchs, Abel Bueno, Noelia Cabrera, Sonia Casanova, Maria Cejudo, Miriam Duran, Marina Esbrí, Gabriela Eskenazi, Guillem Expósito, Aina Fontich, Delfina Fraschina, Queralt Guinart, Sarai Herrera, Irene Marcuello, Laura Morales, Laura Niubó, Pilar Osorio, Margarita Pérez, Sergio Rodríguez, Mar Senén
Tutor: Santiago Vilanova
Partner: BAF General de Catalunya


People Are Light

Antiga Fàbrica Simon

(Carrer de Sancho de Ávila, 66-72)


IED Barcelona Design School


#PeopleAreLight #IEDBcn

What happens inside an electrical cable that serves to connect a switch and a light? Elemental particles called photons enable the generation of electromagnetic radiation that is perceived by the human eye. The sum of these photons generates light. People Are Light recreates a universe far from reality through the succession of two spaces: a dark, mysterious tunnel, and a light-filled, translucent courtyard. In this courtyard, spectators are connected and the façade comes to life, illuminated by different scenes according to interaction among the audience. People Are Light is the result of a participatory project that vibrates, beats and is transformed through changes in colour, intensity and rhythm to generate a unique sensory experience.

Pupils: Julia Sobrón, Bruna Camaroti, Katrina Kalnina, Martina Morejón, Nicole Wilner, Clara Alonso, Carla Jörgens, Renata Colmenero, Josep Bastida, Ricardo Colomer, Tatjana Zöffel
Tutores: Raffaella Perrone i Michela Mezzavilla
Partners: Ana Fernández i Milena Roses
Sponsor: Simon



Carrer de Pamplona, 113


ESDAP Catalunya. Campus Deià


#esdapmetallum #esdapcatalunya

Metallum is a sensory restoration that recreates the process of steelmaking to give a voice to a neighbourhood that fought for the memory and conservation of La Unión Metalúrgica. Atmosphere is created in a work that fuses light, sound and heat to represent the process at a metal foundry, through sequential, cyclical and temporal chromatic degradation. As a result, the initial bright yellow turns into a dark red, creating an oasis of light amid the surrounding environment and its materiality.

Pupils: Óscar Álvarez, Paula Escuin, Sergio Frías, Marisa Lozano, Liocha Mateu, Nuria Minguillón, Sara Ortega, Óscar Ramos, Mónica Román
Tutors: Amaya Martínez i Anna Solé
Partner: Elisa Codina
Sponsor: Escenotecnic, Ingeniería Escénica


Big Bang Poblenou

Passatge de Ratés


UPC Master Lighting Design


#bigbangpoblenou #masterlightingupc

Poblenou, historically an industrial and working-class neighbourhood, is undergoing urban and social transformation. A veritable beehive of start-ups, artists, designers and young creatives are taking up residence in an area that is fast becoming one of the most fashionable in the city. Big Bang Poblenou is a renewing explosion, from the inside out, that symbolises this transforming revolution. The characteristic windows of industrial buildings here, divided by grilles into a large number of rectangular panes, take centre stage as an explosion in four stages culminates by smashing all the glass in an old building.

Pupils: Blanca Amat, Paola Patzily Arias, Jesús Uriel Barrios, Alba Cantalejo, Isidora Paz Cifuentes, Estefanía Echeguren, Marcelle Facury, Nicole Denisse Farah, Marta Florensa, Sabrina Kaplinsky, Larissa Uiara Lemos, Óscar Milla, Fernanda Teresa Oróstica, Patricio Pérez, María José Ramírez, Ximena Rubio, Paula Andrea Serna, Constanza Paulina Solis, Olga Maria Tibocha, Andrés David Trujillo
Tutors: Jordi Canudas amb el suport de Mariel Fuentes i Susana Barea
Partner: Simon
Sponsors: Erco, Iguzzini, Lutron



Ateneu Barcelonès

Palau Savassona (carrer de la Canuda, 6)


ESAD. Escola Superior d’Art Dramàtic Institut del Teatre 

#institutteatre #ouktopos

«Al mig del bosc hi ha una clariana inesperada que només pot ser trobada per aquells que s’han perdut.»

Tomas Tranströmer, Gläntan

Ouk-Topos presents a city in which artificial light is a symbol of humanity, of civilisation. The invisible city emerges in reverse from the pond in counterpoint to the suspended city that we see on a mirror placed between the solid and liquid surfaces. Without light, the city would no longer be mirrored in its own shadow. Artificial light has become a symbol of humanity, and cities have created their own microcosm of electric lighting in order to ward off eternal darkness.

Authors: Albert Ventura, Núria Vila, Marta López, Eva M. Enriquez, Macarena Palacios, Helena Lucas, Oriol Corral
Tutors: Maria Domènech
In cooperation with: Escola Superior de Tècniques de les Arts de l’Espectacle (ESTAE)
Sponsors: Associació d’Autors d’Il·luminació (AAI), FLUGE


Calç viva

Palau Moja

Direcció General d’Arxius, Biblioteques, Museus i Patrimoni (carrer de la Portaferrissa, 1)


ETSAB. Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona

#calçviva #etsab

According to legend, Saint Eulàlia was crucified because she refused to renounce her faith. The thirteen martyrdoms inflicted on her include, it is said, being thrown into a lime pit. Halfway between legend and the science of a material that boils in contact with water is an installation that converts the courtyard of the Palau Moja into a receptacle for an effervescent fluid. In this way, the space, with its impressive verticality, becomes a silo for light and reflections, which descend from the heights and make the ground move with a subtle boiling and bubbling.

Authors: Guillem Bosch, Àlex Carrer, Roser Estefanell, Alicia Fernández, Maria Font, Sergi Jiménez i Samuel Laguarta
Tutors: Ariadna Perich i Roger Such

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