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2019 Edition

The spectacular light festival Llum BCN in 2019 takes place again at the Poblenou neighbourhood on

February 15th, 16th and 17th 2019

When night falls, a new Barcelona shines out thanks to the talent of both artists from all over the world and students in our city who have mastered the transforming power of light.

For the first time, the Poblenou neighbourhood will be illuminated. Poblenou has a peculiar physiognomy and an industrial past and is currently immersed in an intense process of transformation to turn it into a new district devoted to technology, innovation and creativity. The guest artist at Llum BCN 2018 is Monique Savoie, a Quebec video artist and founder of the prestigious Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) of Montreal. In Barcelona, SAT, a leading foundation in the world art and the new technologies, will showcase a selection of the best immersive projections. Visitors can discover these at the new Family Space, which will also be open during the day on Saturday and Sunday to present various interactive projects.


This seventh celebration of Llum BCN features twice the number of shows and facilities by acclaimed artists from our country and other parts of the world in other years, not forgetting one of the hallmarks that distinguish it from other light art festivals: the emphasis on experimentation and innovation in the creations presented by students at the city's schools of art, design, lighting and architecture. This year, these creatives will respond to the challenge of transforming spaces that all have a very different nature. They will meet this challenge by implementing new strategies for working with light and space, as well as the talent and quality that we have seen at previous editions.

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Notícies i cròniques

Disseny Hub Barcelona, gateway to the Llum BCN Festival
Sunday 18, 15:45h

Disseny Hub Barcelona, gateway to the Llum BCN Festival


This year, Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHUB Barcelona), a city-owned facility designed to drive the economy, knowledge, creativity and innovation, is one of the nerve festivals of the Llum BCN light art festival. The building, in Plaça de les Glòries, is a gateway to both the Poblenou neighbourhood and the 22@ district, devoted to innovation.

The exterior of the DHUB Barcelona building will surprise us with Xiu Xiu, a mapping that combines sound and light and interacts with BruumRuum!, a light art work on the ground created by David Torrents and Maurici Ginés. This piece, in turn, establishes a dialogue with the city’s environmental noise.

Meanwhile, in the DHUB pool, we can see several swimmers, moving in synchronised form through the water. This is Follow the Path, a video installation by the artist Bego M. Santiago which explores the relations between art, mysticism and science.

Once inside, in the lobby, Escletxa proxèmica [Proxemic Gap], a piece by Xevi Bayona and his team, will create an experience in which the movement of the escalators transforms the very dimensions and characteristics of the space.

DHUB Barcelona also hosts the Museu del Disseny, our city’s design museum, and here we can admire Marco Brambilla’s video installation Civilization, created with the support of the Sorigué Foundation. The work, part of the Megaplex trilogy, takes the shape of a monumental neo-baroque mural painting that features satirical version of the Apocalypse and Dante’s Inferno.

We can see also (In)Material, a reflection on light as intangible matter. This is the work of Mariel Fuentes and Michella Mezzavilla of the Professional Association of Lighting Designers.

Finally, in Room A, we find Beyond, an installation by Playmodes that narrates the collision between two opposing forces: the interior and the exterior, light and dark, life and death. Beyond is an immersive experience in which vanishing points become visible and the sensation of depth is accentuated.

Artists from around the world take part in Llum BCN Poblenou

Established as a leading urban light art festival, Llum BCN attracts the talent of artists from all over the globe.

Once more this year, the Llum BCN light art festival brings together the talent of international artists, from our own country, the rest of Europe and the whole world. Outstanding among the creatives visiting us is Monique Savoie, from Quebec, our guest artist this year. Always in the vanguard of artistic creation using the new technologies, Savoie is the founder of the Montreal-based Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT).

SAT, a foundation internationally recognised for its leadership in the virtual and immersive technologies, supports new generations of artists and researchers engaged in this digital age. Monique Savoie will present a selection of SAT’s finest immersive projections at the Family Space.

From London, we welcome Quayola, a visual artist who investigates the unpredictable collisions, tensions and equilibriums between the real and artificial, the figurative and abstract, the old and new. Quayola presents the digital paintings Pleasant Places at Can Framis.

The UrbanScreen studio from Bremen (Germany) and the Jung Art Vision from the South Korean capital, Seoul, take part in Llum BCN Poblenou with their joint project In Nemo, a conceptual journey into graphic abstraction through the interaction of body, space, and gravity. The venue for the projection will be the façade of Betevé.

TILT, a French art studio that explores the relation between light, art, architecture and space, presents the works Lampounettes and Bouquets d’abat-jours. Installed in the street, the installations feature domestic lighting appliances recreated on a monumental scale.

Also from France, Groupe LAPS, a studio that brings together fine artists, set designers and video creatives, presents Keyframes, a mapping in which a host of light-filled, animated characters invade the front of the old Simon factory to narrate small urban stories.

Llum BCN will also light up during the day, at the Family Space

Well before it gets dark, beginning at 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday, the whole family can enjoy immersive projections at the Domo, as well as other light installations.

Tuesday 13, 10:30h

The Family Space will open on Friday, February 16, from 7 pm to 12 midnight; Saturday, February 17, from 12 noon to 12 midnight, and Sunday, February 18, from 12 noon to 11 pm. The space contains the Domo, where visitors can see a selection of the finest immersive projections by the prestigious Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) of Montreal, prepared by the company’s founder, the video artist and creative Monique Savoie of Quebec, guest artist at Llum BCN this year.

The Domo will also host a 360-degree experience in which the Eyesberg company presents a robot capable of feeling, imagining and creating. Beta 2.1.20 is a story to make us think about what defines intelligent life.

At the same venue is a tree not described in any catalogue of plant species, a tree that blooms amid the chaos of nature. This is Jardí mecànic (The Mechanical Garden), a creation by Ferroluar in collaboration with a score of young people from New Opportunities, a programme promoted by two foundations: Ampans and Intermèdia.

Visitors to the Family Space will also discover an iconic element from childhood: the swing. Swings bring all ages together in the Col·lec company’s installation Here. The piece comprises a perfect collaborative structure for all audiences, dynamic and fun. When it comes to Here, indifference is not an option.

Before leaving home, don’t forget to pick up your smartphone. This will enable you to take part in Pix-celona, a multi-player quiz game in which the city’s various neighbourhoods compete against each other. Just enter the competition website and choose a clan. At the end of the festival, the team that knows most about Barcelona will be announced.

Jordi Teixidó’s projection Papitu can only be seen after dark, every day starting at 7 pm. Papitu is a friendly, fun-loving capgròs (“Bighead”) who recites poems, makes up songs and reproduces his creator’s ingenious plays on words.

Finally, the Van-Van Foc “Gastronomad” market is a place to rest for a while, get back our strength and warm up around the fire, have something to eat and even enjoy a glass of mulled wine. At Van-Van Foc, fire is the protagonist, giving us both light and warmth.

Llum BCN 2018: News

Barcelona’s festival of light art, taking place for the seventh consecutive year, celebrates the occasion with a change of scene: leaving the streets, courtyards and nooks and crannies of Ciutat Vella, the old town with its centuries of history, this year’s festival will illuminate Poblenou, a neighbourhood that flourished in the industrial age and is currently being transformed into a new district devoted to technology, innovation and creativity. Another new development this year is that, although the festival of light art forms part of Barcelona’s winter festa major celebrations, Llum BCN will take place on February 16, 17 and 18, that is to say, the weekend following the Feast of Saint Eulàlia with its programme of folklore activities.

The guest artist at Llum BCN Poblenou is Monique Savoie, a video artist and creative from Quebec, and the founder of the prestigious Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) in Montreal. SAT, a pioneering foundation and a leader in the arts and the new technologies, will present a selection of its finest 360-degree immersive projections.

Visitors can see these projections at the Domo in the Family Space on the corner of Carrer de Pamplona and Carrer de Tànger. On the Saturday and Sunday, this space will also open during the day to present various interactives. Besides the works by SAT, visitors will discover the story of a robot that comes off the production line with a fault that enables it to imagine and create, an application to evaluate users’ knowledge of Barcelona, mechanical trees, interactive swings used to create a performance, and a most entertaining capgròs (“Big-Head”).


of Santa Eulàlia